hisacro's ~ adventures

Page was created to give some insight on
(curious where it's headed - evil grin)
tilde.institute's setup of finger, gopher,
httpd OpenSMTP generally pleasures of a being
proud puffer


Time to think

2020-09-10 When I ran my own webserver (still
do!), it hit me nothing is free and I was
leech sucking resource. Recently Web has
become only for end-users most of us cannot
exist on web without DNS filters, Ad and
tracker blockers. Public *nix systems are
really needle in the hay (hey Elliott)

Self titled - Elliott Smith

Please be considerate before being a sucker?
(logging with dozens of mosh sessions and let
it sit for a year), in the worst case it
hurts getting a report of abuse when
sole purpose of tilde is self-less service.

Baby steps

2020-09-13 Setting up ssh-keys if you want
gpg agent instead of sole OpenSSH
nice write on wiki)

You'll Figure your Way way through MOTD

When in explore mode, use ls -la to
understand permissions,
I feel stupid when permission denied promts
you should be too (=_=)

usually configs are found in /etc and chrooted
environments in /var, so using absolute path
sprouts confusion on symlink dir like

~/public_html/static/style.css x_x
./static/style.css :)
[more on httpd sec]

A good way to understand underneath,
OBSD specific /usr/local/share/doc/pkg-readmes/
various configs /etc/examples/

finger - port 79

2020-09-14 Intro on wiki, vannilla OBSD has
this embedded man 8 fingerd
but efingerd is the daemon used
copy /etc/efingerd/luser to ~/.efingerd and
customize your own (try finger $USER@localhost
or finger from your local network)

To Put an extra simle on login,
Add this to ~/.profile

echo $(grep $USER /var/log/efingerd.log | wc -l) \
times fingered!!