~ IRL displ



A mock on my music taste triggered to
purge past 10 days log public, now that I
found Hamiltonian of problem I mentioned
in prervious ones, Excitement & frustation
are over so sanitzing the details
(saving it for future maybe?)

before getting to , on the ranks of


> there's heaven afterlife
> me: what's the guarantee (with nude dancers?)
> else: guarantee, gravity works tomorrow?

who do you stop there,
guarantee, Perpetual Machine is impossible?

I have to take a moment off to scale the level
of act there. If it's a genuie question,
I owe a sincere apology Miss but,

This person went on to claim “laws of universe”
and other one was agreeing(?) in cool tone.

Refrained myself from good for nothing
conversation (even for popcorn)

> “The fact something is difficult does
> not mean to be confused.”
> ― Rudolf Rucker,
> Geometry, Relativity and the Fourth Dimension

There's huge difference between “laws of universe”
and “universal laws”

These two makes no sense on it's own, former needs
context xxx universe (intertial, thermodynamical,
woodo-magical?) and the later needs description
of Space, I was once caught in argument later
realized we were referring isomorphic space.

The easiest way to visualize isomorphic space is
enquiring a 2d being living on surface of sphere
q: what's straight line?
a: biggest circles - equators

lets map sphere to plane, drop a line joining
pole and point on surface now equire the same
to flatlander on the intersecting plane
q: what's straight line?
a: fundament circle plus unbound straight-lines

Notice sphere has definite surface area whereas
the mapped plane's line extends to infinity??
This is where curvature of space comes to
redefine distance.

Both answers for what's straight line are
interchangable between these spaces - isomorphic!
ie there's no way a flatlander or 2d being on
sphere know where they're living
(indeed fascinating - Riemann Spheres)

(sucked into non-Euclidean, stumbling way back)


People taking (ambiguous) science terms
for granted are doing disgrace to science

> “Ran out of energy”
no you don't

> “he got high potential in future”
be careful there

> “quantum leap”
stupidity of journalism at peak
(deserves a bigger breakdown)

> “theory of everything”
(came across religious groups using)

> “laws of universe”
(guess, explained it above)


Being Dumb cloak

> what's your country
> what's your age
> what's your sex
> what langugae you speak

Asked by privacy Adovcate to
people either in pm or
everyone who popped on #lounge
the instant.

Now on next level

> dump a pic of room
> dump a selfie

My guess was right, this info wasn't
made public but me being irritated is..

Great you took this on yourself,

in the past,

> what's VPN?
> how to change my IP

Disguised as dumb when himself on VPN,
this should alarm the intention (trying
to infilter whoelse uses?)

cloak has been torndown,
why are you acting dumb still?

your words suit you better than anyone else

> I've met all sorts of people on the internet.
> And if you think they're a shady person,
> just block them, cut all contact and move on

Ok guru! sounds like a plan


There were some Bac users using pocket spying
device as well, respecting privacy –>
appreciate your hard act of being smart.

Hint Hint [face.jpg] is a hexa dump ;)



The person trying to be critc has classified
my music interest as “Goth” and has no idea
of what's EBM newwave punk alternative-rock
especially goth gothic-rock (thinks postpunk
as genre rather than era)

Get yourself shoved in faces, saying joy division is
goth. I have thrown numerous reference to my
favourite person influencing me both
artistically and in life.

claming music messed my mind,

> I recommend a short stay in a Chinese rehab camp.
> Those folks really know how to re-engineer minds.

Interesting for a mainstream sheep, self-claiming
monk droolling at dicky binaj's butt, insisting
‘sex & fantasizing’ is sin.

Now decide who needs a rehab


> you don't impress me
> I'm sorry that you're chained to the ground

- Distorted Reality is now a necessity to be free,
Elliott's From a basement on the hill



Went though a random mixtape (recorded
on Technics dual head deck - not pro
but nonetheless a decent find) it had
throwing muses, stone roses, echo and
the bunnyman, pixies and final
heatmiser track (Neil nailed vocals
- rest my head against wall) which
created an urge to listen entire album
Mic City and Sons, then Cop And Speeder

These are Elliott's prime days for sure,
(rather than Either/OR days)
evolved musically and decided to sustain
despite financial troubles, working side
solos. I might drive around Portland (OR)
some time in future seeing the ‘wall’

Found great covers of epic songs
(for tomorrow's set)

Joy Division - Isolation
Alice Cooper - Clones
The Sisters of Mercy - lucretia



That problem was about to get on my
nerve, taking a break for 2 days /o\

Couldn't play much, but done recording
on family machine. It already had
ardour, qjackctl, calf plugins and
some synth LV2 plugins (thanks sis)

I started with qjackctl (jack helper)
in the past but leaned towards cadence
eventually this changed when I migrated
to non-SysD-evil distros so it felt
home on family machine. Missing piece
was guitarix and it was in MX repo
so no hassle there (haven't played
on newer version)

As expected, in-built presents were
just screaming high some mistake as
guitarix sucks but you need tweaking
to get punch of it without buzzes
and hearing the actual notes

I picked clean jc120 like present with
12ax7 feedback tube, this would do at
the moment but IRs for heavy riffs.

Everything is set now, re-learning cat
Stevens (hoping it turns good within
a week)

Cannot Wait for Tokoyo Dome, Takamura's
Title defense Match. Ippo seems quite
inspired but guessing he wont hit the
ring anytime soon (in 2 years?)

IRL friend(s) popped on quakenet after
months, boasting about sat's stream.



Only able to derive partial solution
for the droped potential well problem
(bit of challenge without spoiling)

high E, G went out of tune once which
is expected because of my haste
windings (waiting for a week to adjust)

Revisiting Songs with cool strumming
indeed my first encounter,

[Cat Steven - where do the childern play]

Great song, has lead and chorous guitar
I play both on a single one async, one of
my first songs to learn since chords
switch only from D,E (that simple?)

Easy song to pick but very difficult to
master. There's subtle strumming and then
a peak with Cat steven's iconic “aaah”

On a hunt - great punk covers.



One of the coils in neck hummbucker
isn't working (messed the wiring)
It's the least used pickup combo but
in upcoming week I have to resolder
(in search of station on ex-room dumps)

Using weird guage nick wound strings,
9-42 being standard but righ now I'm on
9-46 –> avoiding buzz on low E

10-46 might be best bet but as of now
I'm experimenting..

The Enterprise is alive again!



Oil and Strings were delievered. Took
pickups, wiring, knobs apart for
polishing wood. Bunlop oil is good
as it comes with polishing sponge.
Fret rosewood is now darker almost
in same shade as body mahogony.

Hyped for Restring-ing



Back to Pavilion, Home.

Totally blind-folded on leftover
potential well problem, real pain
isn't ditching something but
getting back to it..



Rode on Wall! making my first mark =_=)
bit of freaking, lucky only mono-C casing
got scratches

at(1) and ice0 streamed without any hassle
asusual with no meta data

Dark Wave 1b (added suffix) but couldn't
get voice sythn to update (machine voice
are quite á cliché, probably drop soon)

Lot of synth and EBM in today's set.



Experiencing Big Boy Toys first hand \,,/

Convertable Rotators, crushers, Harvesters,
Plougher, detachable hydralics for towing
and arm-based controller to debug blocks in
machinary (wow wow) and a wooping 60 gears
in total, all in a tractor
(understatement don't do justice)

My eyes were sparkling all the time, brought
those building blocks (bego) memories

    °¬   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  
     \\  |           |
      \\ |           |
       |||           |
     | ||               |
     | ||               |
     | ||               |
 Giving up..  



Off-roading to fields. Swam in river
after years (10 maybe) bit of fear
af first but managed to up my body's
centre of gravity - afloat

Harvested Plantains Causing Sap strains
all over my shirt and trousers

(it ll’ probably end up as car cleaning

I have really missed the feeling of
fine sand going in toe gaps with
upstream water causing twinkle and
squishy cusion walk on wetlands,
egrets making close counter on either
sides of paddy fields.

Only vague memories of this experience
last time but a great inspiration this
now, quite a contrast to what I want
to achieve in theoritcal sides but I
really love both worlds of mine, untill
the time comes to choose one over other

I want to experience the fullest.

| ,,,,,,,,,,,  °  X X X X X   --¬     |
| ,,,,,,,,,,,  |  X X X X X  (  /     |
| ,,,,,,,,,,,  |  X X X X X   ---     |
| ,,,,,,,,,,,  |  X X X X X X X X X   |
| ,,,,,,,,,,,  |  X X X X X X X X X   |
| ,,,,,,,,,,,  |  X X X X X X X X X   |
°              °  X X X X X X X X X   |

| » canals
° » drains
X » plantains
, » paddy



Yet another day(s) of existence

Not much going on other than
polishing Enterprise and poking
it's electronics. Ordered 3
different guage strings, picks
and fret oil.

About to pack this OBSD driver
for the travel.

Hajime No Ippo New Chapter!!



Archive of yesterday's

Distorted Pleasures Wave #1 - tarball

Most of time spent on scrubbing
The Enterprise. Working on wave
2 since upcoming travel next



Woke late than usual, started arranging
things that's when realized I lost my
mechanical keyboard while vacating

That KB stayed with me for 3ish years, it
was one of the first major investment out
of my savings, had an Emotional Freakout

[Bnne Kailh Box Brown 60%] 2017-2020

       / _/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/___/ //|
      / __/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/__/ //_| 
     /____/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_____/ //
    / __/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/____/ //  
   /__/__/_________________/_/__/_/ //    

The Enterprise - oxidation on metal
around pickup dryness of fretboard,
rusty brigde neck 5 strings (remember
snapping out high e while doing a bend)

Had a Radio Session to Distract from ^
Doesn't go well, no archives, metadata
even the stream info.. what's weird
everything worked in next slot
(should have reconnected but went on
cause of excitement)



Hit road at 4 am, Drove ¼ to ¾ fro of journey,
vacated(dumped all things in bag) had a final look
- quite emotional I would say

So tired, crashing on my orange bed.



I cannot wrap my head, memories are stirring
all day and I can clearly see me wearing a
cyan t-shirt on first day entering my room
thinking it's temporary, years went by..

I have done things I thought not capable enough

Cannot force myself thinking cuz xxcited
for the Ride, my possibly long drive
on this new car.



I have been informed that time has come to
add ex to my old ‘home’, planning to vacate
on friday after 12 hrs (to-fro)

Update wkly pl #7 on displ. Psychedelic Furs
new album, “Made Of Rain” seems like made
for current day's p(o)op listeners, a okay
one nonetheless (love my way - stays forever)



This Day was *special, made me
think how long I have been
existing, Played chess with
the stranger after years of
breaks (5 years huh?) and indeed
my all-time favorite opening
Owen's Defense Variation.

Lounge is becoming quite again.



The Day's been usual, with meeting
a cyberspace strange on quakenet
(eventually moved) what's interesting
was, I used same ip subnet for quite
some time before moving on..

I have been thinking of posting
obsd art on beddit and mailing list
but I don't like publicizing with
out a reason.



I can feel the dryness of my music
hunt lately, feeds are lost again
due to YASM (reason why I missed
Clan of Xymox and Psychedelic Furs
new album)

Really happy for my homie, landing
a OBSD emphasized job (I cannot
think of the odds)


laser puffy animation

made with mtpaint+IM on OBSD!



I have been reading Hyougemono all day..
the simplicity is sucking me, the more
I read character development is getting
too deep.

The gif is progressing great well past
the deadline.. the animation and all
done with mtpaint (hey mate I see you
joked about this being paint in 90s)

Feynman, again I failed at explaining a
physics concept to general public..
the reason it's bothering me is
misconception and failing to address
the beauty of simplicity.. instead
wasting resource to distract thy self.

To a person thinking turbulance is
just a disturbance experienced on
aircraft and claiming it “well-understood”
I'm clearly unsure where to start..
Stoke's law, bounding Hamiltonian
gimmicks of non-laminar flow

Instead of shrugging off I added flames
end result isn't something I'm satisfied
or intended.

This made me remember a conservation (or a
flame?) I really appreciated what's
interesting was contrast in the way my
argument was countered.


Bit of background, I met this person on
linuxaudio forum tl;dr we got bluez,
ALSA working without pulse (this was
prime time, evilness took over bluez as

She was teaching Political Science and
Economics for final year highschool..
At some point in our conversation,
there was metaphor mentioning a thing
(vague memories)

my instant reply was,
“like science in Political.Sci”

This is how I always mess with Pol Sci
majors so it came without thinking.

Oh boy, I encountered the real deal..

She actually linked her thesis interest
and some examples in sci-hub, what's so
fascinating was she showed geniue
interest at explaining the linked materials

(instead of claiming some gibberish
consensus all the time and criticizing
I didn't read the pointless sentence

and though I didn't understand why
those studies were conducted it was enough
for me to see how passionate she was..

From Pol.sci, things evolved to literature
history then historians..

Since I knew she was interested without
any of the vagueness,
I didn't hesitate a bit to showoff ;)

How newtonian mechanics got all the praise
while variational mechanics is hidden from
general public for centuries (part of
reason being historians emphasis)

I did my best to showcase principle of least
action holding true from relativistic(?) to quantum
dynamics, how the universe is lazy, beauty of
symmetery and legendary Noether's theorem \o/

“Nature always chooses the easiest path”

(Now tell me some shitehead practising woodoo
is magic and above isn't)

In the end I had a really great time,
hope she had too exchanged some book references
“Lazy Universe” by Cooper Smith (btw great
book, 1-3 chapters less on math geared
towards general public)

Such a healthy conversation, also made me
to dwell more so I could explain the beauty
of physics to layman :)

Classic line to drop,
“Sci in pol.sci? huh?“

which I don't think I can or will stop but
I'll always remember this encounter
forever and ever and ever.

wherever you are, thanks for the memories!


back to present,

Very frustrated after today's, I was
just shoving facts at faces instead of
bringing up the beauty.. so why?

No matter what, at my current level I can
never make a layman understand fluid
dynamics.. Which Triggered me to think of
my *supposed ideal life for the past
couple of years

Working out problems with pen and paper
in a 8x12 den all day,
Making Ramen in afternoon on a moody
climate (seaweed toppings!),
reading a manga, seeing deers stroll
past my window, bit of cool talk with
my seniors, engraving Elliott's song
all over my room, head banging to trash
metal riff I make, pun at dinning
(Still keeping a tab!, math art majors)

Hey senior now I clearly understand the
time I was rounded by people during
hall chant.

(happy sobbing noises)

I love my room - ES



Making a note for elobrating in future,

Newer Snapshots for more fun.
On progress OBSD scan pixel
animation \o/



Tried to get into FVWM, looking to
solve some Lagrangian this week.
#lounge is getting lively again
I did critizise login most of the
time, but miss not being here.
Fun Chat after a while on ben’s
Among-sus server (isva nxnja
seal the logs)

I call it yet another smooth day.
Oh hang in there login

Rediscovered EIG registrar list



I took a break, it went quite well \o/



Yet another unproductive day
in this week, I was so tried
slept again after breakfeast
Visited a friend of mum's.
It was already dinner time,
Done for the day.



I was reading ‘Hyenogomono’ most of the time,

it's about historial wars rather than tea
making. Active on IRC a bit, that's when
I checked my results (which was published
2 days back yet unknown to me) Offically
a physics undergrad now! (probably end up
elobrating a bit but right now clearing
up to-do list)

#lounge has become thick even with new people
popping, probably right after trying tox for
replicating channel which doesn't go well
(used - toxic and mutox as my clients).

Some say they're envious and jealous of monk life
style, meanwhile I feel sad. I cannot think of
overcoming psychic pressure (a dialogue from
Harry Dean Stanton's last movie ‘lucky’)

Alone(All-one) isn't lonely

It refers to thoughts. I can no way surpress
“why am I here” “I should taking care of X”
“I could have done Y if I wasn't here” and
these thoughts usually consume more energy that
one would think. I ought to think Being a monk
is like free solo, all-one plus lonely
on thoughts (this is not true but inverse
definitely is!)

Unsure how long it would take for still water
#lounge to disrupt.



Organizing new routine with new Workflow,
Day was getting back to usual with few
minutes of driving. Not much time spent
on my room. All okay (with a bit of
intentional drama on #lounge)



Shifting from manual to auto transmission
does feel easier but more I'm getting used
it feels scarier with cruise control and
all weird things making IRL driving equal
to one on consoles (4 keys + shitton
keys but all I need is up down with cruise)

Close to 30 manga were pending on my list
since I lost feeds on my old drive, hardly
keeping up. Despite that started a new one
“Hyougemono” - Manga about tea
making? I'm sold (though I don't drink
coffee or tea)

Pending displ blog - xcape on OBSD.
Update Weekly pleasure #5
The Plague - Never Die.



A lot happened these two days (looking back at
my 2 year idle life..)

First a shoutout, “last log addresed everyone
and everybody else” cool compliment _^

My Granda had a stroke recently, my cousin was
there at right time to diagnose but what's more
challenging was convincing him to take medicines
most of my family tried and failed. It was three
times a day after meal, the blood clot caused
mismatch in comprehension part of brain (I'm
really thankful that memory and every other
function is sound)

I employed all tricks: explaining CT scan, blood
meter, oximeter, (I don't know what's the ideal
value just throwing numbers). In the past
I always had hot agruments with him (longest
uptime on phone 1.5hrs).
he was perfectionist valuing communism. Unless
a proper explanation he'll throw back at face
value which holds true even now, maybe I'm more
used to it (it's in bloods, people irl have to
think twice before making a solid statement
when the topic of interest falls on my bubble)

Somehow I managed explaning with numbers, but
I know it would end soon (magic on same audience
twice). The day was today, he refused to move
from porch unless he goes to his native (no food
water or medicine). In the end, he sat for 5hrs
and got his wish.

I tried giving food but he spoonfed me. I cannot
refuse, back in my mind I was thinking it might
be my last time experiencing this. I cannot
swallow it, controlling my tears.

Thinking Back, he had all the money and In a way
still running behind it, never had a proper vacation,
luxury life or alteast resources I'm sucking up.

Adding to the stack, I was made aware my mum’s
health was more dangerous than I thought.

I have came across people
who only care about money, earnings, payrolls
and the other extreme end,
carefree, idle, just throwing away advices to
people around without any practical usecase.

I'm oscillating between these two extrema but
I have fixed my top priority now, I'm taking
good care of myself (good sleep, sound mind)
To make family and people around me feel safe
and happy I should be in first place.



Initially I thought #lounge as some werido’s
Joke, was it description? I don't remember
I messaged isva, asking username some chant
with write(1) (guess it flashed on tmux too
fast). Eventually had a talk(1) session which
sparked a hate for isva /o\

Then I joined #lounge. Total pings made there
is close to all IRC networks I have been. It
did feel weird at first (left channel at some
point) but was it being genuine or open?
IDK honestly it grew on me.

Some People Pop on #lounge, they'll feel this
is gobshite they leave. No hard feelings
for this teeny tiny channel (but It seems to
me, numbers matter to isva)

I'm speculating that people who come here more
used to tech support networks like freenode
following IRC ethics (do they actually?),
They clearly don't know how dirty IRC was back in
the day. Politics, rightist, leftist, LBGT-hate,
weaponary (you name it, there might be a channel
active at some point time).

* questioning in a right way
* Absolute evils: Naked pings, More pings,
/msg nick on #public_channel
* marking yourself away (especially when using
* /ignore nick (and make them weird out)

Other than private conversation and /ignore
I have broken all those on #lounge. In the
past I have encountered few on freenode
channels possibly new comers pinging and
/msg hisacro. I was always cool about it
and ask them to post on main channel or make
them aware it's considered rude (and some will
go instant /ignore nick)

#lounge feels real in it's own right
from physics, math, OBSD, blogging platforms,
self-hosting, virtual coins, , web tutoring,
business, economy to life style of monk..

So homies don't except every channel to be #lounge
and for those willing to grow thick skin, feel free
to hang with us #lounge at tilde.chat (experince
real people being brutally honest with expection of
few *fake securitry advocates)